Information about Events

About Events

For Larp'ers, Events is an online Marketplace that helps you discover new and exciting live action role playing (larp) experiences around the world. 

For organisers, this is a place to advertise events and sell tickets in a safe and secure environment. Our aim is to take the hassle out of selling & Marketing events so that organisers can focus on creating top class events. 

Meet the team

Cam                                                    Stu                                                       Craig


Fred                                                    Claus                                                 Jordan

Our Vision

The idea was conceptualised by two Larp organisers who found it not only difficult to find other larps out there, but also, to advertised their own events to potential guests. Organisers currently advertise their larps in various places throughout the internet (which is frustrating) so we wanted to create a single go-to place where people could find and book tickets for larps. 

We've created this space to discover, book and post larps. For organisers, this also means an easy to use booking system to book people onto your larp and a customer management suite where you can message all of your attendees all from your account.

But our vision doesn't stop there. We want to create a space for all things larp. A place where people new to larping can discover more and find ways to get involved. A community where all larpers can find blog posts, articles and useful libraries of information as well as much much more.

We are just getting started, and hope that you'll join us in our mission to make it easier to find & book larp tickets online.