Norseman Sage - Gods and Giants

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Norseman Sagas – Gods and Giants

‘Ep2 'Key of Yggdrasil’

Eversley, Hampshire

£65/£75 on the gate. Please see booking details below.

Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.

March 23-25 2018

Gods and Giants.

Midgard is lost to the might of the God Child and his treacherous mind. Many Norse have fled across the vast western seas with the promise of new lands, for Erik the Red promised it so. He now lies spent in this world and is now welcomed in the Halls of his fathers, for his purpose is now fulfilled. This new world is Alfheim and the Ljosalfa, light Elves have welcomed their distant kin with gifts of land, though their appearance and ways are very different to those of Midgard. The peoples of Midgard were followed by an enemy of great power and have also become part of a greater tale, for the Dokkalfar, the Dark Elves that live beneath earth of Alfheim and made a pact with the Giants of Jotanheim. The Dokkalfar have built a great rope ladder from their world to Jotanheim and have brought the Jotan and their mountains to Alfheim. It is said they have also been banished from Midgard and can no longer influence its people. Now they search for a seed of Yggdrasil so they may grow they own world tree and from its great height bring war to Asgard. The war for Alfheim has begun and in its casting lies a greater war. The War of Gods and Giants.

A Key to Yggdrasil.

It is a mid winter month of 887, High Jarl Merca and Jarl Borg of Daneland have made peace. Merca, after a long trial of combat and cunning, defeated Borg and as agreed by them and witnessed by the Gods, he now sits as High Jarl of Bjorngard. Borg and his people have moved to the South of the gifted lands and have begun to make homes, till fields and prepare the baskets of grain they brought with them for sowing. Prosperity has taken root.

However…After the treachery of the Dokkalfar, the rising of the Jotans mountains and their purpose now exposed, the Jarls have no time to waste. The Ljosalfar have promised them aid, but cannot cross the Blood river as its waters are poison to them. Jarl Borg has agreed to send boats up the river and find the source of its poison and help free the Ljosalfar, meanwhile Jarl Merca and his people, now gifted with a dream from the Ljosalfar, know the location of the seed the jotan search for. The will take a party across the deep forests to the place where the seed is hidden. If they can recover it before the Jotan and get it back to the Ljosalfar, the great mystics of the Elves will hide it away in a place the Jotan cannot look. In the back of their minds, the party knows ‘Havard’, the enemy that has plagued them from Midgard and across the seas has some knowledge of what’s happening. For he had an unwilling thrall within Bjorngard doing his bidding and keeping him informed of what she heard and sore. Now the race to the Key begins.

Welcome to Gods and Giants. Unlike Rainmaker which was a journey across lands and oceans set in a ‘real world’ setting, Gods and Giants is set in a mystical Norse world. Character played in the original Rainmaker episodes are very welcome to join us as in the story all those of the old ways fled and followed Erik the Red on his outrageous adventure across the Atlantic and never seen again.

Be you an old or new player to Norseman, you have arrived in this ‘New World’ on your own in a ship full of strangers or as a Clan/Jarls party. To be a Jarl or clan leader, you only need 4 other Huscarls/Shield Maidens to accompany you.

To make your back-story, just wiki Vikings in 880s-90s and set it the ‘Real world’.

You have fled to evade the Christian yoke, left because you had too or just wanted an adventure and arrived in a new world filled with wonder and possibilities. Be doubters or believers, be fighters of mystics, be traders or artisans, be husbands and wives. All new players have a very good in.

We have introduced a drip-fed mystical and magical element to the game and expanded the games boundaries for us all to play in. As time goes on and we get more comfortable with these new fun elements, we will broaden it to include more of the Norse Mythology into the game.

Skyrim the larp without it being a blatant rip off.

There will also be a simple trading and coin system, so guys can play a more varied style of game.

CREWING will be on their feet all weekend with loads of awesome roles and war, you may only make a few visits back to the crew hut, so bring easy to eat and drink things during the day. Usual bacon will always be there though in the morning to get us going and a hearty meal Saturday night if you have pre-booked your crew place on the website;)

IC Camping for this event.

We will be using the large camping area the other side of the car park Burm so the whole site can be used for this huge adventure. We will set up an IC tent for others to camp around and make it feel like a raiding camp. If you have biuldings within Viking and

Event date: Mar 23, 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Ticket Information: Once you have purchased you part pay ticket you have secured your place. The balance must be paid when you arrive and register.
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: Tickets are only refunded if the event is cancelled for any reason.
Larp Genre: Fantasy (Low)
Child Friendly Larp:

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