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The Geek Initiative is an established community, publication, and LARP development organization focused on women in geek culture. TGI Founder & Publisher Tara M. Clapper runs the LARP division of The Geek Initiative. Our LARPs focus on physical and emotional safety, inclusion, and expression. Learn more about our LARPs here:

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The Geek Initiative is LLC pending in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the U.S.

Tara M. Clapper is a game designer, editor, and writer with a background in publishing and storycrafting. Tara began her career in digital marketing in 2010 when she agreed to market a new campaign LARP (which is still running today). She’s the founder and publisher of The Geek Initiative and the co-playwright of “The Poe Project” (2016, The Mill Race Theatrical Company). With her team, she’s grown TGI to encompass LARP design and publishing.

Tara has designed and run "She's Got a Gun" and other original LARPs at Metatopia and Gen Con. She hosted and co-developed three Dragon Thrones: Mirror Missions" digital LARP adventures with The Game Theatre, also serving as a GM for Dragon Thrones 1 & 2. Tara has served in leadership roles and in an editorial capacity in the New World Magischola community. As she developed and nurtured The Geek Initiative's community, Tara handled social media, game testing, and blogging tasks for a popular Facebook game.

She's noted for blogging about LARP and bringing innovative storytelling ideas from LARP into the world of marketing.

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