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How it works

How it works Events is the easiest way to book tickets for live action roleplay (larp) events. Find the right larp and seamlessly pay with a few clicks. We take care of the rest so you can focus on having fun! Events

Looking to find a horror themed live action role-play (larp) event in the London area? Or maybe a steampunk themed larp in Sydney? Events allows you to search larps by area, genre or both. You also always have the possibility to simply browse or look for inspiration.

We understand the difficulties in finding new larps and it’s our (very ambitious!) vision to have every larp in the world listed right here for you to browse, contrast and compare. This is especially great for the travelling larper who is looking for a friendly larp in an unfamiliar place.

Are you a larp organiser? That’s great. List your larp on our site. Just create a profile, get started and invite all your friends. If you need any help at all, just reach out to us - we’re always ready to help.

Make a booking

Found the perfect larp to get lost in this weekend? Now you can book your space at it right here through Events. Booking is easy and with our secure payment system you can be sure that your details are safe. We accept all major cards and strive to make the process as easy and pain free as possible. This way you have more time to plan your outfit and develop your character.

Larp organisers benefit from our booking system. This way you can keep all your bookings in one place and benefit from accepting card payments without having to worry about data protection and all the admin that comes with processing or collecting payments on your own..

Go Play

Whether you’re new to larping or a seasoned veteran, our vision is to help you with a comprehensive guide to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. With time, our aim is to turn into the go-to site for players and organisers to get help with and improve their larping experience.


Booking larp tickets has never been easier! Events is the premier site to search and book larps. You can search by genre or location or both. Once you’re found the perfect larp to get involved in, you can book your space, right here on Events and pay with our secure payment system which accepts all major cards.

It's easy to get started and as soon as you create a profile you can find, book, and pay for larp tickets at the best events around you. Here are a few tips:

  1. Be thorough in your profile. It helps event organisers learn about who is coming.

  2. If you have any special requests, questions regarding equipment, or anything else you can contact organisers directly from their listing. We make the process easier for organisers so they prefer to book through our platform.

  3. Share! Our goal is to connect players with the best events so help us spread the word and build our community! When you post on social media at your events, use #LarpingEvent and we will try to give you a boost.  

Not only this, we will keep you up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the community and bring you interesting stories and information on larping.

Organisers Events is an all new community platform for anybody interested and involved in larps. Our vision is to bring the whole community together in one place and make finding, booking, listing and selling larps easy and accessible.

As a larp organiser you can easily list all of your larps on here. Our goal is to have every larp globally listed here for easy access to all the larpers out there. We make it easier for you to advertise or sell tickets to your larp events. At any one time there are people from all over the world searching our site looking for larp events. Listing your larp on Events has plenty of benefits:

  • You get access to new buyers. 150,000 Larpers visit our site each month

  • We have a simple to use, secure payment system. Our dedicated landing page make it easy for players to pay with credit card or debit card (no more painful bank transfers) 

  • Our streamlined booking process sees high conversion rates

  • You’ll have online presence with heightened SEO and credibility

  • Promotion & Marketing of your events to our community 

  • Take the hassle out of larping with less time spent on listings and website management and low costs on booking

  • Our Booking management tool allows you to easily manage event and ticket buyer information

  • Be part of our early adopters group and help shape the Events platform

To get started, just create an account and post an event. Here are a few tips when using Events:

  1. Be thorough as possible in your profile. Please provide a compelling description for your events. We want to help market your events to our community as best as possible. Also, please add professional quality pictures!

  2. Ensure your dates and other key information is correct so that attendees can pay you as quickly as possible.

  3. Share! Our goal is to connect the larpers with your events so help us spread the word and build our community! When you post on social media at your events, use #LarpingEvent and we will try to give you a boost.  

If you have any questions about the site, getting started, or need help at any time please reach out at You can join our Community group to find and discuss LARP on a global scale. We also created a specific channel for organisers to stay on top of coming features, share thoughts about improvements or chat with our team at Organiser's group in Facebook!