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Welcome to Blackwater.

We're here to get your life back on track – it's what we do. Whatever you have had to face, you don't have to face it alone any more. Our team and community are here to support you as you recover. Blackwater provides a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which to take your first steps back into the world.

While here, you'll receive a tailored course of therapy and treatment specific to your recovery needs, and our dedicated and professional staff are available 24 hours a day to help and guide you through this journey. We are a progressive establishment and have been involved in ground-breaking studies and research using state of the art technology, which you can even help us with as part of your rehabilitation.

This brings us to our new and engaging therapeutic project here at Blackwater. It is my absolute pleasure to announce a new and engaging therapeutic project; Clarity.

Clarity combines tried and tested therapeutic methods with up-to-the-minute technology, allowing our residents to complete a full course of therapy in just a matter of days with no ill effects or disorientation, and no diminishing of the full experience!

I know that this can seem like a hard road ahead but you'll find that life at Blackwater can be a rewarding, life changing and even a fun experience!

I look forward to sharing your journey – Let us take care of you.

Dr Carol Pemberton, Supervising Administrator.


This is the fourth event by Insomnia Lrp. In previous events, we have sent our players blindly into a situation. This event will be a little different. For the fortnight leading up to the event, an online roleplaying forum will be in operation where you will be able to interact with each-other and the staff at Blackwater Clinic.

Despite how cozy it sounds, do not be fooled. This game is a horror-survival event and is designed to be as immersive as possible, therefore it is not appropriate for individuals under the age of 18. The game will run continually for approximately 48hrs, and you will not be able to leave the bunker during this time unless your character has 'died', at which point you may join the monster team if you wish.


The site is a large, wonderfully creepy, underground bunker near Kidderminster, and is where Insomnia Lrp was first born at Omnia Mutantur in 2015. The game times have changed from previous years, and the game will begin at 2pm on Friday (please arrive by 1.30pm at the absolute latest) until approximately 2pm on the Sunday. Unfortunately due to the cost of booking such an amazing venue, there will be no early entry this year. Food, water and the majority of equipment is included as usual.


Before New Year = £70

After New Year = £75

Places are capped at 30 players, and can be reserved with a £20 deposit. Remaining funds are payable by the end of February 2018. To book, please complete the booking form and send funds to via paypal.

Booking form;


Place your deposit before midnight on 31st October 2017, and your character will begin the game with a unique item relevant to the plot!


You are not permitted to take anything into the bunker with you beyond what is listed. If you are unsure, please do contact a member of the game team for clarification. You will be expected to locate food, water and equipment within the game as provided. Please do not expect fully catered meals. Time and light sources are heavily regulated.

Required; Sleeping bag, Single inflatable mattress or camping bed (absolutely NO doubles, a roll mat will not suffice.), medication, warm clothing (it will be cold in the bunker), good footwear (walking boots advised). You will not need to move your belongings around the site during this game, however you will need to relocate when your character dies so should pack in a manner which will allow you to move your gear in one trip.


After the game is over, you will be very tired and will likely need a gentle return to reality after leaving the bunker. To facilitate this, we hold an after party where players can unwind with a good meal, a hot shower and a comfortable bed before heading home the following day. We urge players not to drive long distances directly after the event. The after party for this event will be held at Kidderminster Travelodge on Sunday 8th April. The usual evening meal and drinking will be at the restuarant opposite the travelodge. Due to the limited number of rooms, it is advised that you book your room as early as possible to avoid disappointment and increased prices.


Group transport will be arranged from Reading, as this is where the majority of our player base is located. This can also be arranged from a different location if numbers are sufficient in a different area. Transport will be charged as 1 share of the cost to

Event date: Apr 6, 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Ticket Information:
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: Available until January
Larp Genre: Horror
Child Friendly Larp:

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