Age of Aether

Age of Aether (AoA) is a science fantasy Live Action Role-Playing game (LARP) based on the concepts of H. G. Wells’ novel, “War of the Worlds”. Drawing on influences from the steampunk, science fiction and fantasy genres, AoA is a truly unique role-playing experience that will take you into an alternative history of the 19th Century world.

Players assume the roles of members and associates of a worldwide organisation known as The Reputable Intrepid Adventurers Club (or T.R.I.A.C.) during an interplanetary war with Mars. For the second time in a century, the Martians have sent their war machines to Earth, hell bent on taking the world for their own.

T.R.I.A.C. is an association that draws the greatest minds and adventurers from many of the world’s remaining nations that have banded together to aid in the war effort in any way they can. Some combat the Martian threat directly as soldiers and investigators. Others gather precious resources create new and interesting inventions and research into the biology and technology of the Martian foe. Still others use their skills in the medical and pharmacological arts to aid in the fight. Finally there are those humans who have been changed by the Martian invasion and now possess the ability to use strange powers, the Resonants.

Humanity, however, is not alone. Alongside them are a number of alien races, freed from the Martian invaders. They too have something to gain, something to fight for and something to lose.

The fate of the planet rests on a knife edge. Only you and your fellow extraordinary colleagues can push back the threat and win the war for Earth’s survival…

Event date: Mar 30, 2018
Ticket Information:
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: All information is available on our website
Larp Genre: Steampunk
Child Friendly Larp:

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