In My Time of Dying

In My Time of Dying is a collaborative, rules light and consensual larp exploring vampirism drawing on concepts from the World of Darkness, Vampire the Masquerade, by White Wolf.

This is a game about the final nights of vampires and those touched by them. This is a game about addiction and raw need, about life and death, about power and power over. This is a game about monsters.

Few remain after the final nights, after the death times. Those overlooked, unknown, the dregs of what was once a great and powerful vampire society. Some receive a message to attend a meeting.

“Gather at The Red Tavern on this night. If you do not then you will be hunted down, they will find you, they will end you. If you do come then you might just survive beyond these nights of death. The choice is entirely yours.”

Most will not go, most will be too suspicious, too paranoid, too scared, or will simply deny reality. But a few will attend, Kindred, their servants, maybe others. Those few from across the UK who dare to dream, to hope, will gather. They will be hungry, wary, desperate. They will be driven by fear, by the need for blood, to control, to serve, to taste, to feed. They will come for pleasure, for pain, for joy, for love, but most of all they will gather at the Red Tavern and play a game of blood and hunger.

Event date: Jul 14, 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Ticket Information: £25.00. For more information on ticketing, character and game details
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: Please see out ticket and refund page.
Larp Genre: Vampire
Child Friendly Larp:

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