bevor Züri brännt

Zurich, Switzerland: 1980.

The city council grants an amount of 60m Swiss Francs to renovate the opera house, while declining demands for a local youth culture center. A cry of outrage over this injustice grows louder in the young community and quickly gains support from activists fighting housing shortage and drug related misery in Zurich. Opera was yesterday, youth is now and everyone deserves a place to express themselves. Your group is occupying a whole area which was meant to become your independent youth center, but is now deemed for demolition.

Soon, nobody can escape the issue anymore, no woman or man, no politician or journalist, no artist or police officer. There will be a demonstration. There will be violence. Only one question remains: Who were you, when Zurich burned?

Name: bevor Züri brännt (before Zurich burned)

Genre: Real life, 80s, historic-ish

Language: German

Playing style: Nordic-inspired

Players: 14-30

NPCs: 5

Character design: semi-scripted

All information in German is to be found here:

A LARP about the voice of the silenced.

About the fight for what is right.

About opinions and how to change them.

About the powers that be and how to rearrange them.

And about who YOU were

before we burned.

Event date: Nov 2, 2018
Country: Switzerland
Ticket Information: Sign up form in German to be found on the webpage
Event Language: German
Refund Policy: For the refund policy, please consult the webpage.
Larp Genre: Historical
Child Friendly Larp:

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