Spirits of Spring

After a hard cold winter and a wet spring in the North, the Mountain pass has finally become safe enough to allow for trade with the south to reopen. With the risks of rock slides and impassable roads removed it has lead to a new problem. Bandits, a concept completely foreign to the Rolfkinder.

This new problem has seemed to stay rather close to the village of Utenheill however a few sightings have spread out along trade routes causing Jarls who already think that opening up to the Outside was a bad idea to double their resolve to return to the ways of Old. However Jarl Laifnar Blackoak had been swayed to change his mind pointing out that after the Outsiders have arrived that Black Orc raids had gone down to an all time low, leaving some areas completely untouched for years.

Utenheill it self has passed the first test, a Rhinewood winter. The village slowly grows and Jarl Ekaj Shadowmane has taken a rather "Hands off" approach and letting the village find its own way, lending aid only if needed.

Now with the weather warming up it has become time to take the Next step in completing the Node that our adventurers worked so hard to set up last fall. A spirit must be convinced to lend itself to the Node, and there is no shortage of spirits wandering the forests this time of year.

Camping is available onsite, please remember electricity and facilities are limited.

A Lunch will be cooked on site by our own Dante, Menu will be announced later.

On the second day we'll be hosting a practice so feel free to stick around battle and hang out with friends.

Event date: May 12, 2018
Country: United States
Ticket Information: Ticket funds go to the Meal that is cooked onsite
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: N/a
Larp Genre: Fantasy (High)
Child Friendly Larp:

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