Pax Europa

Pax Europa is a Steampunk larp is set at a scientific symposium and exhibition where the great nations of Europe (Britain, Germany, France and Russia) vie for Nobel Prizes adjudicated by Swedish hosts. Characters will be scientists, explorers, military officers and diplomats. It is an alternative Victorian Europe with weird science added, and historical sexism and racism removed.

This will be a one off, system lite, consent based game. The system is inspired by that of the College of Wizardry, Convention of Thorns and other Nordic style larps. If you are not familiar with any of that it is sufficient to know that the game focuses on collaboration, immersion and drama. It is very approachable for players with no role play experience.

The game will run from 1pm thought the afternoon and into the night. After the game finishes there will be drinks and a wrap party.

Price Includes

* All day tea and coffee

* Afternoon tea

* Two course alternate drop dinner

* Eight (8) hours of Steampunkery

More info:

Event date: Jul 28, 2018
Country: Australia
Ticket Information: AU$65 upfront payment in full by May 5th - OR - AU$35 to secure a character by May 5th, then another AU$35 due at least 2 weeks before the event (July 14th)
Event Language: English
Refund Policy: If you withdraw more than 2 weeks before the event then you will be refunded any amount you have paid less $5 for costs incurred. From 2 weeks before the event (July 14) we won’t be able to offer a refund as numbers will have been finalised with the venue and money paid. If the event does not run for whatever reason then full refunds will be made.
Larp Genre: Steampunk
Child Friendly Larp:

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